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                      FROM THE INSIDE OUT


Becoming engaged in an interactive, guided process of looking inside oneself

Exploring the prime motivators of human behavior and identifying how

they impact one's perceptions, expectations, and behavior


Uncovering personal root causes for any barriers one has to interaction, engagement, and performance excellence


Engaging in an interactive process of discovering one's life's work and purpose

Examining and assessing the root cause of any barriers one has to developing the characteristics of an introspective, responsive leader

Identifying and applying intellectual, emotional, and intuitive perceptions

to analyze and overcome one's barriers to change, growth, and fulfillment

Creative Action Planning to remove barriers, fulfill one's purpose and become an introspective, responsive leader




   “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would

also change....a wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness.      

        We need not wait to see what others do." - Mahatma Gandhi

Like most systems, we have many internal mechanisms that make it possible for us to function. When we  look only at the outside reflection of these mechanisms, we  can fix only the reflection of any problems we see.

Many training and development initiatives fail to produce

lasting results because they address only the reflections they can see, rather

than addressing and removing the root cause of these problems.


Our inner workings, shaping our motivations, perceptions, and behavior, affect our external performance, and they are inevitably reflected on our "screen,"

just as a computer screen reflects the inner workings of the computer. 


As the inner workings of a computer are the source of unlimited computing potential, so our inner workings are also the source of unlimited

potential for energy, ingenuity, courage, and passion.

To access our unlimited potential, we need to get to know and understand our inner workings, to look inside ourselves for the root cause of any roadblocks to change and growth, so we can identify and remove them.




Recognizes the difference between management and leadership


Supports a mission statement that includes an employee wellness program, and employees are perceived and acknowledged as the "internal" customers


Is committed to employee development, with online, on the job, offsite, mandatory, and voluntary programs currently in place


Is aware that the “tipping point” to the flawless execution of

an initiative is in the mindset and hands of its employees

Perceives employee development as the pathway to business development

Acknowledges the integral role of its contributors when process improvement initiatives are implemented

Values Employee Engagement Scores, assesses them annually, leading to annual incremental improvements

Assigns personnel responsible for employee engagement, development,

and career advancement

Supports an existing or developing mentoring program

Goals, vision, and mission of the organization align with the objectives

of these Workshops, or there is a strong desire to realign with them.









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